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Transpose Parts

Much music published at the turn into the 20th Century was not scored for Flutes. And Horns were written in E♭. Transpose parts for modern bands, including C Piccolo, Flutes 1 and 2. And transpose E♭ parts for F Horns. It’s important to follow this Style Sheet for Replacement Parts.

Create Modern Editions

Using Finale, Sibelius or similar professional notation program, enter parts into a Full Score. Note that original publications were riddled with errors. It’s our job as editors to fix problems. Then clean up the score to give it a professional appearance, extract a new set of parts. Our Style Sheet for Scores and Style Sheet for New Parts let you know what is needed. To make life easier, download the New Edition Checklist.

Identify Favorites

We are trying to create Favorites lists for often-requested categories of music. If you have experience choosing music for middle school, high school or community bands, you could help by nominating pieces from the library that you have found to be particularly appropriate and successful. Check out what we have so far: Suggested works.