Special Categories

In addition to our usual cataloging, we have also created categories to indicate music that is has unusual features, employs special instrumentation, or is of interest to a particular audience. We are open to suggestions for additional categories that would be of use to our visitors.

Favorites. This category gathers pieces that are frequently viewed on the BandMusic PDF Library. If this interests you, also check out the Suggested Works pages.

Featuring trombones. These works feature the trombone section, including trombone ‘smears’ and other novelty pieces. This has been our contribution to International Trombone Week, which happens each April. If you are looking for trombone solos, search ‘trombone’.

Seeking parts. We know that pieces in this category were originally published with parts that we do not have. Most of these pieces are also marked as ‘Missing parts’, which means a part you may need is missing. In other cases we know that a particular ‘extra’ part was published, and while not having it won’t slow you down, it would be nice to have.

We are seeking your help in filling in our sets. You can learn more here: Donate music.

With score. These pieces include a separate score. Often these are condensed (two- or three-staff) scores. For larger works and for new editions they are usually full scores.

For most band music of our period, scores were not published—band directors conducted from the solo cornet part, which usually contains cues for other instruments. (In British publications, the cued conductor part was often the solo clarinet part instead.)

Saxophone quartet. Occasionally a publication will note that the arrangement can be played as a saxophone quartet.