Finding Music in the Library


Use the Search box—there is one on every page. Or, use the dropdown menus—they have their own search boxes. Sometimes you may need to explore a bit—publishers often used unexpected versions of titles, especially when the original was in a language other than English.


Not sure what’s here? Browse by title or the most recent additions first. Use the dropdown menus to explore. Use the Sort By menu to see results alphabetically by Title, Date Added, or choose Shuffle to see them in random order. (Reload your browser page to discover new tunes.)

Narrowing your selection

Whether you’re searching or browsing, the dropdown menus in the page header will show the available composers, arrangers, publishers, etc. so you can narrow your selection. Then click on any title to see more information, a preview and a download link.

For a typical band: select anything with Instrumentation marked “New edition” or “Modern instrumentation”. Check Grade and other info to tailor the best choices for your band. Take a look at pieces with Instrumentation marked “Parts Missing”–sometimes what is missing is not important to you, and the piece will work just fine.

If your Horns and Flutes can transpose on the fly, or if your band is able and willing to prepare parts in advance, also consider pieces with Instrumentation of “Complete as published”. Check that there are no important parts marked as “Seeking”. You may also need to choose substitute parts for saxophones. (See Guide to Instrumentation for common substitutions, and How you can help for guidelines for creating transposed parts.)