The Battle of Trenton

composerHewitt, James
arrangerElkus, Jonathan
instrumentationNew edition
notesThe most famous of Hewitt's surviving works is the military sonata "The Battle of Trenton," written in 1792 and dedicated to George Washington. While it was published in 1797 for the pianoforte, it is probably safe to assume that Hewitt performed it with one of his military bands. The work is not actually a sonata, but rather a highly descriptive battle piece, similar to many written in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

This work is part of The Bicentennial Musical Celebration published by JCPenney in 1975. More information and program notes are available from the original program booklets.

Are there any restrictions?
“No. There are no restrictions attached to this music. Use it when and where and how you wish, without cost or qualification of any kind (and that includes the JCPenney copyright that appears in all the appropriate places)— and in any way that meets your own requirements and the size and composition of your group.”

—JCPenney, About the Celebration, page 4.

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