The Bicentennial Musical Celebration

In 1975, JCPenney commissioned arrangements of historical American music and new compositions for band, orchestra and chorus, and gave the music away in celebration of the 1976 Bicentennial of the United States.

The band music from this Musical Celebration is available here. The following is an excerpt from the booklet “About the Celebration”, which was distributed with the music.

“The Bicentennial Musical Celebration is a collection of music for you to play and sing and enjoy in any way you choose—in whole or in part, in any sequence, on any occasion, in combination with any other music. It is there to be useful and stimulating and fun—at your discretion.

“In any case, how you perform the music in the Celebration is altogether up to you. Piece by piece, as a concert, or as most of a program—however you use it from one time to another, we believe it will add significance, enjoyment and just plain good music to your program.

Are there any restrictions?

“No. There are no restrictions attached to this music. Use it when and where and how you wish, without cost or qualification of any kind (and that includes the JCPenney copyright that appears in all the appropriate places)— and in any way that meets your own requirements and the size and composition of your group.”